Finding the personal injury lawyer in Fort McMurray or legal team can be very difficult for residents of the area, especially when you consider that Edmonton is situated 4½ hours to the south and west (435 km/270 mi).  However, the BLAB Personal Injury Lawyer firm has been serving clients in Fort McMurray for some time now.  We want to ensure injury victims that they will receive proper compensation and continue to enjoy the same quality of life that they’ve grown accustomed to.  At the same time, we will make sure that their legal rights to compensation are protected throughout the entire legal process.


First and foremost, we are committed to the client and never represent the insurance companies.  We focus on getting the client compensated on insurance payments for their injuries if they haven’t been resolved within 90 days.  The following are 3 ways that we can help you get the compensation you’re deserving of:

  • WE work when you’re unable to and will even come to you if you are still in the hospital or recovering from your injuries at home!

  • WE make sure you have the financial resources to pay for hospital and medical bills as well as any rehabilitative care and treatment that may be needed!

  • WE operate on a contingency basis which means that you don’t pay if we don’t win your case and achieve a settlement!

To get the financial relief, resolutions, and results you deserve and to ensure that your rights are protected, you need the experience and expertise of a skilled injury lawyer in Fort McMurray and legal team that specialize in this area of the law.


As one of Alberta’s most recognized legal practices, the BLAB Personal Injury Lawyer firm understands the emotional, mental, and physical pain and suffering that a person must endure after sustaining injuries in any type of accident.  In the more catastrophic or life-threatening injuries, families can be financially devastated.  When you have a personal injury lawyer in Fort McMurray and their legal team on your side, we’ll work hard to ensure that you get the results you’re deserving of for any of the following:

Furthermore, NEVER talk to the other party’s insurer, their adjusters, or their lawyers until you have spoken with a BLAB Personal Injury Lawyer representative regarding your circumstances.  Remember, those people aren’t your friends and don’t have your best interests in mind.  Their job is to protect the company bottom line by avoiding large settlements.  Regardless, your case will probably settle out of court (over 90% do) barring any complexities or unforeseen circumstances or we will go to court to get the results you deserve.


You or any of your loved ones could sustain serious injuries in a range of accidents.  While you may be lucky enough to walk away with only a few minor bruises and scrapes, you might not always be that fortunate.  Serious or catastrophic injuries can be life-changing if not life-threatening.  Suffice it to say, it’s a traumatic experience that has serious physical and psychological repercussions.  If the injuries are serious enough and you’re unable to return to your work, it could be financially devastating.

The last thing that you need during the aftermath is to be overwhelmed with all of the legal documents and questions that typically arise in these situations.  That is why your injury lawyer in Fort McMurray or one of their legal assistants will visit you while you’re still in the hospital of at home recovering from your injuries and cannot come to us.  For more information about legal representation in Fort McMurray or to schedule a FREE initial consultation, contact the BLAB Personal Injury Lawyer today.


Fabian ErickFabian Erick
22:10 04 May 23
I had a terrible accident car and I contacted BILAB lawyers. They worked hard on my case and they fought for my rights. Thanks for the excellent settlement!
Seth McAbeeSeth McAbee
14:10 22 Feb 23
BLAB Lawyers provided excellent legal representation after my dog bite incident. Alex was knowledgeable, supportive, and worked tirelessly to ensure I received the compensation I deserved. I couldn't have done it without him.
Jose T SJose T S
19:09 12 Jan 23
I was involved in a pedestrian accident and suffered severe injuries as a result. I heard about BLAB Personal Injury Lawyer on a radio ad and Mike was my lawyer. He was very compassionate and understanding, and he helped me get the compensation I needed to cover my medical bills and lost income. I am so grateful to this law firm for all of their help.
Alta BailyAlta Baily
19:25 03 Nov 22
They really do take care of their clients and are the best injury law firm in town!
Jast VonJast Von
01:23 13 Oct 22
BLAB Personal Injury Lawyer is the best law firm I've ever come across. They are incredibly helpful and competent and always do the best they can to help me out. I recommend them to everyone who needs a personal injury lawyer.
Tanasă FlorinTanasă Florin
06:49 04 Nov 18
I was impressed by how professional and hardworking the team BLAB Personal Injury is. They truly put the clients needs first and work hard to help I'd recommend them to anyone hurt in a car accident, super professional personal injury lawyers in Fort McMurray.
Rufina BendaRufina Benda
02:15 13 Jul 18
Thanks guys for all your help. The staff was always on top of everything and keep me up to date. I will definitely recommend them to my friends and family.



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