For residents of Lacombe who sustain injuries in an accident that was caused by some other person’s careless, negligent, or reckless behavior, it can be very difficult to get the compensation they deserve without legal representation.  Such a traumatic experience can indeed be overwhelming, especially during the aftermath when you are trying to rest and fully recover.  Fortunately, the BLAB Personal Injury Lawyer is available to help protect your rights to that compensation throughout the legal process.


No matter how careful you are, accidents are going to happen.  And when they do, they can disrupt your life and create a great deal of emotional turmoil in the process.  Plus, you could suffer psychological consequences along with the physical pain you’ve been dealing with already.  During your recovery, we won’t get confused and overwhelmed with insurance claims, investigations, medical tests, and mountains of legal, medical, and police documentation.

The last thing you need is additional stress and worry over the legal process involved with filing a personal injury claim going to court over your case.  Any personal injury lawyer Lacombe or a member of their legal staff will tell you that these types of cases and lawsuits can be extremely complex and stressful.  At BLAB Personal Injury Lawyer, we’ll shoulder that burden for you so you can focus on what’s most important – you and your recovery!


People get injured in some type of accident throughout Alberta Province every day.  For example, 18,000 individuals sustain injuries in motor vehicle accidents on Provincial highways and roads every year.  Sadly, those injuries turn fatal for 300 of those victims.  Our injury lawyer Lacombe firm doesn’t want you to become one of those statistics.  As one of Alberta’s leading legal firms, BLAB Personal Injury Lawyer will invest financial and legal resources to help resolve your case.

We won’t be intimidated by the large insurance companies and their lawyers.  We are prepared to advocate for your rights in any of the following areas of practice:

Furthermore, it’s important to seek the legal representation of a personal injury lawyer Lacombe and legal team that specializes in this field of the law as one that practices in multiple areas is oftentimes too diluted.


Many lawyers will bombard you with promises of delivering a favorable outcome and promising to get you a settlement in your personal injury case.  Unfortunately, many of them only deliver empty promises when everything is said and done.  As your legal team, you can expect the following from the BLAB Personal Injury Lawyer firm:

  • WE are available 24/7 and will always respond to your concerns and questions – no matter which one of our staff you speak with, we are always caring and compassionate and pride ourselves on providing clients a superior level of assistance at all times.

  • WE care about you and your recovery – we maintain constant communication with our clients throughout the entire legal process so they stay up-to-date on their case.

  • WE give every client the individualized attention they deserve and never overload our legal teams – with our years of experience you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your injury lawyer Lacombe is looking at every compensation option for your particular case.

  • WE pay attention to every detail and work efficiently – we aggressively advocate for every client in order to achieve just results.  The insurance companies and their lawyers know our reputation for being highly effective and quick to resolve cases.

  • WE take as much time as is needed to learn about your circumstances – additionally, we will answer all your questions and explain all of the options available.

For more information about legal representation in Lacombe or to schedule a FREE consultation appointment with a personal injury lawyer Lacombe, contact the BLAB Personal Injury Lawyer firm today.



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