Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Imagine having the freedom to take off down the open road while feeling the wind blow in your face.  That is the unparalleled sensation that every motorcyclist feels when they venture out onto Alberta’s roadways.  Unfortunately, riding on two wheels that are being powered by a high-performance engine puts you at much greater risk of experiencing a catastrophic or fatal accident.  Despite the safety precautions available (helmets and leathers), you’re still much more exposed compared to someone driving a vehicle.

If you or a loved one is seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, the BLAB Personal Injury Lawyer team is here to help.  We have represented dozens of Fort McMurray, Fort Saskatchewan, and Lacombe clients that have sustained injuries in motorcycle accidents or left a grieving family behind in the wake of their death.  In many cases, the families of the deceased could have been financially devastated were it not for our legal team’s assistance and commitment to achieving a fair and reasonable settlement.


Needless to say, motorcycle accident statistics in Alberta Province are pretty grim.  Last year alone, there were 35 recorded deaths involving motorcyclists who hit by other cars, SUV’s, trucks, or vans.  Furthermore, motorcyclists 25 years of age or younger were at the highest risk of getting into a catastrophic or fatal collision.  Furthermore, those 35 fatalities equated to only 9% of all vehicles on Alberta’s highways yet fewer than 9% of all registered vehicles in the province are represented by motorcycles.

Where motorcycle accidents with injuries are concerned, 612 motorcyclists were injured in collisions with other vehicles, but this only represents 3.3% of all vehicle accidents in the province last year (2017).  However, these statistics don’t do the victims any justice when you consider that a significant percentage of them suffered severe injuries.  If an accident occurs because of another driver’s negligence an injury lawyer will be needed.


At the BLAB Personal Injury Lawyer firm, we are dedicated to the client and always compassionate in their time of need.  For those individuals who survive a motorcycle accident, you could be facing years of recovery time and rehabilitation.  Even worse is the fact that your injuries could be permanently disabling and prevent you from ever returning to your job.  Although this could financially devastate your family your injury lawyer and there team of legal assistants won’t let that happen.

The aftermath of such a traumatic experience can be overwhelming to say the least and the last thing you need is the additional stress when you are trying to heal and recover.  Let an experienced personal injury lawyer and their legal team alleviate your stress so you can focus on recovering.  For more information regarding legal representation in the cities of Fort McMurray, Fort Saskatchewan, and Lacombe call the BLAB Personal Injury Lawyer firm today.